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With more users using mobile apps for their online financial needs, traders and investors also prefer to execute trades through their mobiles. It is more convenient for traders to use their mobiles to access the MetaTrader 4 and gain real-time access to the financial markets. Traders can use the MT4 Android to trade forex anytime and anywhere and enjoy the latest trading tools and user-friendly interface on any Android device. Download now through Google Play and explore its advantages.

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Benefits of MT4 Android

With smartphones, forex traders can monitor the markets through their mobiles wherever they are. Mobile trading with MT4 allows you to have complete control over your trading account and trade from anywhere 24/5.

You can perform all order types and execution modes, check the history of your trades and get full access to historical data and advanced charting facilities.

The mobile version provides 3 types of charts:

You also have access to 30 technical indicators and you can simultaneously open up to 10 windows with indicators to get a better scope of what you are doing, increasing analytical capabilities and helping you implement your trading strategy in the most precise manner. A series of 24 analytical objects, from lines, channels, geometric shapes, as well as Gann, Fibonacci and Elliott tools will add precision to you trading. Plus, you can access financial markets news and enjoy free mobile chat and email to communicate with other traders.

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Why use MetaTrader 4 for Android?

The biggest advantage of mobile trading is simply the ease of access to your trading account. This mobile trading platform allows you to access your account on the go via devices powered by the popular Android OS. MT4 for Android offers you all the tools you need for effective technical analysis, including common trend indicators, oscillators, volatility measures all accessible from directly within the chart. Trade Forex with your Android smartphone or tablet and explore the great features of MT4.

MT4 for Android – Features

How to log in to MT4 for Android

Visit our FAQ page for more information on the MT4 platform for Android.

User guide for MT4 Android

Read the user guide on how to download, install and use the MT4 platform for Android.

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