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While some brokers may accept a minimum of $1 to trade on MT4, most of them tend to require a minimum of $100 or $200. Some brokers may provide Cent accounts where you can start trading with as little as 50 cents.

Trading on MT4

Traders choose MetaTrader 4 (MT4), the most popular trading platform for both beginners and advanced users, for its flexibility and ease of use. Another advantage is the accessibility it offers to traders with little amount of capital.

MT4 also provides traders with everything they need to start exploring the forex market. Before you get started, understand the potential and limitations of trading with little money.

Opportunities for small-scale traders with MT4

Low initial deposit

You can open an MT4 account with the majority of brokers with a small deposit which can start from $100. This is because forex trading has a relatively low margin requirements and is accessible to everyone.

Micro and mini lots

Trading with MT4 includes trading through micro and mini lots which makes it easy for traders to risk less of their hard-earned money when trading. This is because it enables the traders to trade and practise the market without investing a huge amount of capital.


Many brokers provide leverage which acts as a trading magnifier or booster for a relatively small account. For example, trading with a leverage of 1:100 means that with $100 of deposit, one can manage a $10,000 of position with the capacity of earning enormous profits. Risks are also possible, so a strict risk management plan should be in place at all times.

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Recursos educativos with MT4

Both a MT4 but also T4Trade provide access to market research. In particular, T4Trade’s experts have curated a rich library of free educational podcasts, articles, webinars, and more, so new traders can build a solid foundation.

a MT4 Automated trading

MT4 has the feature of Expert Advisors which are virtual trading accounts that can make trades on the basis of given rules and instructions. This feature enables small traders who cannot afford huge amounts of cash, to employ complicated trading patterns and explore market opportunities.

Market access

Despite the possibility to enter the trading terminal with a small account, traders have the opportunity to explore global markets and trade all sorts of instruments such as shares, forex, commodities, indices, and more.

Challenges when trading with little money

Trading with little money is very challenging and has the following drawbacks:

Lower potential gains

Similarly, while leverage can potentially increase profits, it also exposes traders to higher potential losses. Working with a small account means that even the profits can only be small ones. In successful trades, the gains  may not be very big, considering. That a trader does not win all the trades he or she conducts frequently.

Higher risk of wiping out an account

Unfavourable market conditions pose a higher risk of wiping out small accounts. Small accounts are very sensitive to a few losing trades. That can draw down the account to a critical low balance; thus, risk management and proper approach to trading are paramount.

Emotional stress

Due to the limited amount of capital invested in the trade, it can cause stress on one’s self. And could lead to making very undesired decisions. This makes a trader attempt to achieve a lot in a small account within a short time. And they end up making wrong decisions.

Limited diversification

Handling a small account means that is harder for the trader to diversify across multiple trades or assets. Diversificação is also an important element in risk management. But with restricted funds traders might not be able to afford to divide their capital.

a MT4 Costs and fees

Spreads, commissions, and overnight charges are some of the costs that play a big role on small accounts and can eat into the profits. These costs are important and have to be taken into account. When calculating the trader’s activities and selecting the forex brokers with the best trading conditions.

Limited scalability

Developing a small account in MT4 generally requires time, persistence, and consistent performance. In trading, traders have to understand that, it is okay to build a sizeable account gradually and by applying high leverage or/and taking a high risk in an attempt to ‘build’ a big account can be disastrous.

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a MT4 Trading with little money

Focus on risk management

Another aspect that a trader with a small account must be aware of is the factor of risk. Leverage should always be restricted to a small portion of the account size. Using stop-loss orders is also important so that you can minimise the possible losses.

Start with a demo account at MT4

For instance, beginners should trade on a demo account before moving on to using an actual account in MT4. This makes it possible to practise your trades and familiarise yourself with the platform. And trading in general without necessarily having to incur losses.

Use a trading plan

A trading strategy is also significant since it assists the trader to stick to a particular plan. It should contain information dealing with the entry and exit strategies, risk level, and the aims and objectives the trader wishes to achieve. This will ensure that your decisions are not made based on emotion.

Educate yourself on MT4

This means that in trading, there is always something new that one needs to learn including the changes. That may be taking place in the market. New traders can enhance their knowledge on trading and at platforms as MT4 , through the materials offered through T4Trade.

Keep trading costs low

This makes it mandatory for one to look for a CFD broker who charges a minimal spread and commission; especially for a small account. The trading fees are quite considerable, for this reason. The rates must be compared with those of other companies providing trading services.

Use leverage wisely

Leverage enhances one’s trading capacity; however, it is a tool that needs to be used wisely. Thus, when used recklessly, it can lead to grave losses and therefore. It is crucial to know how to use leverage in a proper manner.

Advantages of starting small with MT4

It is actually rather wise to open your account with a small amount of money. For example, it will allow you to trade wihtout losing a lot of capital due to a wrong decision. It’s also worth to note that the lessons that can be learned from managing a small account are rather helpful and can be applied when trading with a larger account. Besides, trading with small volumes also has a positive effect on a trader’s mentality and attitude as they can practise risk management and discipline.

Psychological aspects

Trade psychology plays a crucial role when you are trading with a small account. If you are attempting to grow a small account and are driven by greed, you will end up trading based on emotion and make mistakes.

This is why, you should keep cool and not be as greedy and try to make as much money in the short term while trading. Knowing that trading is not a quick process, like a race, but it is rather a long and continuous process can motivate one to make rational decisions and make them stick to their proposed plan.

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Trade with T4Trade’s Cent account

Trading with T4Trade’s Cent account is a great way to start small and get a feel for trading. This is a great and affordable solution for beginner traders who are just starting out and want to experiment and explore the market with minimal funds. With T4Trade’s Cent account, you can trade with an average spread of 1.8 pips and flexible leverage. You can start with a minimum lot of 0.01 and trade with zero commission.

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